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Czestochowa-Krakow-Jurassic Cycle "Of The Eagles ' Nests"

Jurajski Szlak Rowerowy „Orlich Gniazd”
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Krakow; Smoleń

The first important episode of the Silesian trail bike on the Trail of the Eagles ' nests is a town known for its castle ruins characteristic Smoleń, ascendant over forests, stożkowatego Hill. The route leads here for very picturesque areas of small hills. Passed back through the village Ryczów, where there was a small medieval Watchtower, crawling to the tour cyclists defensive most famous Eagle's nest, Ogrodzieniec Castle in the extramural settlement. From here the trail leads in another attractive place, running over next to the ruins of the castle of Morsku, which is governed by the town of Piaseczno in the Rocks Kroczyckich. This is a commune of the Jura, which is the base and rants for tourists through Upland, is a good place to rest. You might want to leave bicycles here and walk on Up and Deep Cave Churches panorama. With the Podlesic cycle route reaches the two lying next to each other castles in Mirów and Bobolice. A very picturesque region both fortress is, moreover, another place where you might want to stay longer.
Setting off in the further part of the way we now somewhat less frequented parts of the Jurassic Highland. There are also less familiar with Eagles ' nests: the guardians of the ruins in Przewodziszowicach and the remains of the castle of Ostrężnik. Commonly known as the castle is a castle in Olsztyn, is the final part of our route, where the end of the road we have few kilometers. The track ends in Częstochowa.
Traveling bicycle route of the Eagles ' nests in part of lesser Poland Voivodeship from North to South, leaving the ruins of the castle in Smolen wander the Valley "Wodącą" with the clock rocks and we get to the ruins of the castle in the town of Leeds. Next we wooded with Beech Hill near the village of Jaroszowiec such as "Sharp mountain" and the shrine of our Lady of Help of the faithful. wandering in the direction of the southern route brings us to the village of "Rabsztyn" from górującymi over the ruin of the Castle area. The trail then leads us through the city to the village of Olkusz Racławice where we see a wooden church located on the route of wooden architecture.Close to going beyond the way we reach another wooden church in the village of Paczółtowice. The trail leads through the Valley of the Elasziówki on the site which is located in a very charming place in the village of Czerna monastery of Carmelite from 1629. Next to the monastery has relics of the Devil's bridge. The red path from the village of Czerna leads to the town of Krzeszowice and the village of Rudno where are some of the most powerful castle ruins on the Jurassic Highland. From the "Castle" in Krakow page go Tęczyn, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, passing along the way, "Bukova Hora Hill" and "the Valley of Grzybowska Street" finishing our Jurassic adventure cycling route of the Eagles ' nests in Bronowice, a "Great".

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Schwierigkeitsgrad Reisedauer [min]
Fahrrad mittel 660,00 [min]
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Fußgänger leicht 2700,00 [min]
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Jurajski Szlak Rowerowy „Orlich Gniazd”

Städte an der Strecke:
Kraków; Rudno; Krzeszowice; Paczółtowice; Olkusz; Jaroszowiec; Leeds; Smoleń; Ryczów; Podzamcze; Sea; Piaseczno; Bobolice; Mirów; Niegowa; Czatachowa; Ostrężnik; Suliszowice; Zrębice; Olsztyn; Częstochowa
Streckenlänge: 184 km
Streckenlänge in der Woiwodschaft Schlesien: 101
Woiwodschaften: Schlesien
Tourismusregionen: Krakau-Tschenstochauer Jura
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