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The Załęcze Landscape Park

The Załęcze Landscape Park is a very interesting area. It is located on the border of several regions and provinces. The park shared by three voivodeships of Silesia, Łódź and Opole. It is the first protected area of this kind in central Poland. Its purpose is to protect the landscapes of the Wieluń Upland, which is the north-western part of the Kraków-Czestochowa Upland. The Warta river flows through the park.

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Silesian Flavours Culinary Trail
The restaurant is located in a city centre, in historic cellars of City Hall.
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Tarnowskie Góry
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The manor house in Lipie near Krzepice is the most beautiful of its kind in the vicinity of Częstochowa. The building was erected in the eighteenth century. Its current shape comes from the first decades of the twentieth century, when the property belonged to the known local family of the industrialists - the Steinhagens The manor house is a one storey building, with a portico and a mansard roof. In its neighborhood it is worthwhile to see a brick and wooden water tower. The manor house is surrounded by old trees and ponds.
As early as the twelfth century, a wooden fortress was erected on the site of today's Krzepice. It was later converted into a stone construction, of which an outline of the moat has remained to the present day The contemporary spatial layout of dates to the foundation of the town by Casimir the Great in the mid-fourteenth century. Of course, it is also partly the result of the extension of the town in the coming centuries. The church of James the Apostle is associated with the foundation of the town, but its present shape results from later rebuilding works.
In the historic village of Danków, there is, among others, a seventeenth-century church, which is the shrine of Our Lady of Danków. Chronologically, it is the second local church. The image of the Virgin Mary of Danków is a faithful copy of the Jasna Góra icon, and comes from the time of the construction of the church. In the late Renaissance church, we should also pay attention to the four Renaissance portals and the tombstone of the Warszycki family.
The history of the fortress in Danków dates back to the Middle Ages. In the following centuries, it was extended, above all, in the days of the infamous Stanisław Warszycki, who surrounded it with bastion fortifications. Today, we can only see earthworks reinforced by a wall and ruins of a stone edifice (known as the "House of Castellans"), a remnant of a two-story building, and some traces of the moats or other smaller remains.
Krzepice was an important center for the Jewish community. Nowadays, we can visit a Jewish cemetery here, whose main peculiarity is a large number of tombstones made from cast iron. The cemetery was renovated at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries by the Polish and Jewish youth. There is also a ruined synagogue here. During its construction, it was quite large in comparison to other synagogues. It is even larger than the famous building in the Warsaw Nożyk synagogue.
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The resort is located 30 km from Częstochowa in Zawady, on the picturesque Liswarta River. It is a great place for both active and "lazy" relaxation. You will find here places for bathing, walking, fishing, cycling or kayaking. The resort offers accommodation in wooden summer houses with bathrooms, 2 Dutch houses and a camping site with sanitary facilities.
Folwark Kamyk położony jest we wsi oddalonej o 15km na północ od Jasnej Góry, nad rzeczką Kocinką, pośród pól. To miejsce dla smakoszy idei Slow-Food, lubiących długie spacery, jazdę na rowerze, oraz wypoczynek na wsi.
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Folwark Kamyk położony jest we wsi oddalonej o 15km na północ od Jasnej Góry, nad rzeczką Kocinką, pośród pól. To miejsce dla smakoszy idei Slow-Food, lubiących długie spacery, jazdę na rowerze, oraz wypoczynek na wsi.
Pyszne jedzenie, miła obsługa, dobra lokalizacja, zapraszamy
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