List of facilities and places in the neighbourhood
  • Nature
    Mount Krawców Wierch, rising to a height of 1071 meters above sea level, is one of the many picturesque peaks of the Beskids. It is located in the border zone between passes of Glinka (to the south) and of Bory Orava (to the north). It is worthwhile to climb to the top because of Hala Krawculi, which is a glade located below the top, and from which there is a beautiful panorama. Accommodation and meals can be found in a stylish mountain hut of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, which is also known for the many tourist events.
  • Actively
    The Geopark Glinka in the commune of Ujsoły is another place for fans of extreme sensations. The former quarry offers amazing attractions. There is one of the longest in Poland, 220-meter-long, Tyrolean downhill over a 30-meter-deep precipice. There are climbing walls, multi-purpose and beautiful views from walking paths, which run on top of the quarry. And that's not the end of the attractions. Work is underway on the expansion of the park.