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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne - Ewa Lazar-Klimas

ulica Sportowa 5
42-235 Lelów
Informacje ogólne
: agroturystyka
: brak
: 34 355 80 10
: whole year

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The restaurant is located in a city centre, in historic cellars of City Hall.
Lelów, a communal village, located in the north-eastern part of Silesia, was a town from the beginning of the fourteenth to the second half of the nineteenth century. King Casmir the Great ordered to locate a town on the present site. Its medieval urban layout has been preserved. It is characterized by an almost a square marketplace from whose corners streets run out. There are traces of defense walls and gate towers.
The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Consolation of Lelów is associated with the parish church of Saint Martin. The original church was erected in the fourteenth century here. Restored after a fire in 1638, it burned down again in 1939. The invading German soldiers set it on fire. The Image of Our Lady is venerated in the shrine. It is a replica of the original, seventeenth-century picture. It was made by Czesław Ćwinarowicz in 1948 for the newly rebuilt church.
250 years ago, the holy man David Biderman used to prophesy and do miracles both in Poland and abroad. He was also famous for his wisdom throughout the Jewish world. He founded a dynasty, which even today means a lot to the Jews both in Israel and in the United States. His grave is located in Lelów, a village near Częstochowa. It is a pilgrimage destination of devout followers of Hasidism.
Staromieście is the oldest and original part Lelów, which is called a “wandering town”, which changed its location in the fourteenth century. The local church is not the first in its place, because the parish probably existed here as early as the eleventh century. The present shrine is a building erected in the fourteenth century. It underwent several renovations in the following centuries, which completely changed its appearance. Inside the church, there is, among others, a fifteenth-century Gothic stone sculpture of the Madonna and Child.
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