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Recreation Center Ciechan Zdrój - Siamoszyce

Siamoszyce 1
42-425 Siamoszyce
Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska
w lesie
Informacje ogólne
: ośrodki wypoczynkowe, campingi i pola biwakowe
: brak
: +48 607 092 200
: +48 509 027 492
Miejsca noclegowe
: podłączenie prądu, prysznic, plac zabaw, kąpielisko, plaża, miejsca do grillowania, miejsce na ognisko, miejsce do wędkowania
Sala konferencyjna
: Tak
: whole year

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Silesian Flavours Culinary Trail
The restaurant is located in a picturesque area of Krakow-Czestochowa Upland and offers traditional Polish, Jurassic an... więcej>>
Dąbrowa Górnicza
Restauracja Zagłębie Smaku znajduje się na pierwszym piętrze hotelu Holiday Inn w Dąbrowie Górniczej.
The parish church of Saint James the Apostle in Giebło is one of the oldest churches in this part of Poland. It is dated from the twelfth century. The Romanesque church is an example of the characteristic monuments erected in the early centuries of the Polish statehood. The church survived unchanged until the early twentieth century, when it was rebuilt, but the body, in large part, has retained its original look.
Giebło is located in the commune of Ogrodzieniec, on the road from Żerkowice to Pilica. It is an old town, mentioned for the first time in the written sources at the beginning of the fourteenth century. There are a manor house in the historic park and a Romanesque, twelfth-thirteenth century parish church of Saint James, surrounded by a wall. Archaeologists have discovered remains of a castle in the village. There are numerous roadside chapels and crosses, and an interesting bakery named „Podpłomyk”, cultivating medieval traditions.
The beginnings of the parish in Kroczyce date back (according to written documents) to the twelfth century. Before the erection of the present brick church, there were two successive wooden churches here (though their history is not well known). One was destroyed by a fire. The other wooden building was founded by Piotr Firlej in 1427 as a votive foundation for the safe return after the Battle of Grunewald in 1410. The present church comes from the nineteenth century.
In the present Silesian voivodeship we can see a few interesting cemeteries from the times of WW1, which took a bloody toll in this region as well. One of the largest graveyards is situated in Biskupice, a western part of the town of Pilica, in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. Nearly 1000 soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies may be buried here. They perished in the battle between Częstochowa and Kraków at the end of 1914.
The church of the Holy Trinity and and St Florian in Zawiercie Skarżyce is one of the parish churches in Zawiercie. It is a distinctive consrtuction with three chapes in the form of a rotunda, which symbolize the Holy Trinity. In 1999, the church was raised by archbishop Stanisław Nowak, metropolitan bishop of Częstochowa, to the rank of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Skarżyce.
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Lgota Murowana
The hotel is located on the area of the Eagle Nests Landscape Park, in the heart of the Jurassic Rocks Region (Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska) in Lgota Murowana near Kroczyce. Fajkier Wellness & Spa Hotel offers 46 rooms including 9 exclusive suites, what makes the total amount of 108 beds.
Resorts "JURA" is located in the picturesque village of Kiełkowice on the trail of the landscape Park" the Eagles ' nests "in Jura Krakowsko - Częstochowska.
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