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Staropolski Dworek w Krzykawce

Boasting of Bolesław city - country house in Krzykawka. The oldest record about him comes from 1756 onwards, although the concervation analysis carried out by the Office of the City projects in Cracov in the 1980s revealed that the Manor House can be built from 1724 onwards-the date the ceiling beam unveiled the building. Was then part of the Manor House with a basement, a wooden and painted, without the Eastern extension there, covered with roof of Cracov-very popular in this part of Galicia. The form of the building is unique not only for the period during which the headquarters was built, but for noble around the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century near Manor is a lawn with Memorial battle insurgents of January's army, in which the Tsar's May 5, 1863, heroically killed Francesco Nullo.

ulica Starowiejska 2
w mieście
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The Jewish cemetery in Sławków was founded in the early twentieth century on the road leading from the town to the village of Krzykawka. The necropolis is located approximately 2.5 km from the Sławków market square. About 300 graves have been preserved to this day. The oldest dates from 1904 and belongs to Rywka, a daughter of Awraham Helpner. After the recent administrative changes cemetery is located in the commune of Boleslaw, at 72 Podgórska Street.
One of the monuments in Sławków is a parish church, dating from the thirteenth century. It is dedicated both to the Exaltation of the Cross and Saint Nicholas, but originally its patron saint was John the Baptist The church is an early Gothic building, and its equipment is mostly Baroque and Rococo. The attic of the building is home to bats, forming one of the largest colonies in Poland.
Sławków is a city situated on the eastern edge of the Silesian Voivodeship. Its almost 1000-year-old history has endowed the town with a number of interesting monuments, with its famous Sławków Tavern in the fore-front. Not far from the market square, you can see ruins of the castle of the bishops of Kraków and the bishop’s granary, also known as the Bishop's Court. The current shape of the granary dates back to the eighteenth century. The building has a distinctive, nice mansard roof and thick walls.
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