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Agriturismo - Violet Lamch

The farm is situated in the heart of the jury. For guests for a 6-room apartment with kitchen and bathroom and rooms in the house of the host. Meals can be prepared in-house or use the board. You can rent mountain bikes, 9-passenger bus, the possibility of organizing travel carriage. There is also a large barbecue and a garden, perfect for summer evenings by the fire.

The farm offers 4 and 3-bed with an extra bed.

"6-bed apartment with kitchen and bathroom - 150zł/doba
"Rooms in the house of the owner the price from 25 to 30 PLN
"There is the possibility of accommodation of less number of persons
"All rooms are konfortowo equipped with new furniture, TV, radio. The bathroom has a shower toilet and sink

street Niegówka 22a
42-320 Niegowa
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the country
General Information
: agritourism
: none
Contact data
: 034 315 41 43
: 503 186 528
Conference room
: Yes
: whole year

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Łutowiec is an inconspicuous village (formerly known as Oltowiec or Holtowiec). It is an old village, mentioned for the first time at the end of the fourteenth century. A medieval watchtower, of which remains have been preserved on one of the rock outcroppings, is one of the most mysterious objects of this kind in the Jura. It was probably founded in the fourteenth century, but already in the next century, it became abandoned and was beginning to fall into ruin.
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Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful monuments on the Trail of Eagles' Nests. A monumental castle building lies on a hill. For some its shape resembles a boat. In spite of many years of being in ruins it is still fairly impressive. The Mirowska fortress is one of the oldest fortifications of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. We know that a stone watchtower was erected in the mid-fourteenth century, during the reign of Casimir the Great.
Near the village of Przewodziszowice in the Polish Jura, there are ruins of one of the smaller Eagles' Nests. The local defense watchtower was built probably in the fourteenth or the late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The builder of the watch tower was either King Casimir the Great or Duke Ladislaus of Opole. For some time in the fifteenth century, it became a property of knight-robber Kornicz called Siestrzeniec, who according to a legend, hid the stolen treasures here.i
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