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Chapel on the water in Ojców

Chapel "on the water" p.w. św. Joseph Craftsman (Workman), located at the site of the ancient spa baths, which was converted into a sacral object in 1901, the Chapel is situated over a pipe on concrete supports, which involved, according to the local tradition with the management of Tzar Nicholas II, prohibiting commerce construction of sacred objects on Earth the father 's, to which the chapel was built "on the water".
The initiator of the construction was the then Manager of the establishment hydropatycznego Dr. Stanisław Niedzielski. Father's Chapel is an example of a wooden construction, stylish, based partly on local, and partly on borrowed ornamental motifs (the so-called Swiss-style paternity leave). The building of the Chapel, with a wooden structure, it has a symmetrical, rectangular with a pervading it square in the middle. The chapel has the shape of a cross, length 11 m, a width of about. 5. external walls are built according to the local custom (called the style of paternity leave)-at the top of the belt in the air, in the midst of the boards from being imposed, down and on the boards, "passing", IE. arranged vertically, one deeper, the other on the outside. The Chapel is crowned by the openwork Tower completely renovated in 1996, in the middle of the chapel there are three altars made in the shape of peasant huts. In the top of the main altar are the Sun, and under it the five figurines of Saints, chisel Kowalski from the white Church. On the sides of the altar there are two eagles-the symbol of Polish-three mapped out channels up snakes symbol of the three partitioning powers. Located in the main altar of our Lady of Help was painted in 1901, by one of the curators of the local spas.
With l. 1972-73 is the Tabernacle, a wooden chandelier and exterior doors decorative grating repeating relief. The altar with flowers has issued by the father was painted in 1983 (source:

Lesser Poland, Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the forest, in the country
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