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Sanctuary of Mother of God in Smardzowicace.

The neo-Gothic Parish church built in 1918r. in Smardzowice. In the main altar there was the icon of the mother of God with the infant from an old 16th-century wooden church, which in the biologist that. transferred to a Gmina Gołcza Bridge. The picture painted on the stage with ok. The 15th century overshadowed her dress silver from 1683 it was given to the Church in the period 1635-9 by the wife of John the Pelican, the administrator of the castle of paternity leave. Immediately he became famous with the graces and miracles, of which about 60 were reported in detail in the parish Chronicles. On 27.08.1972, the miraculous image of our Lady was crowned by Cardinal. Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski. After the Crown stolen in 1984 re-Coronation was in 12.10.1986 r.

street Samardzowice 1
32-077 Smardzowice
Lesser Poland, Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the country
Contact data
: +48 12 3892050
: +48 506131225
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: churches, sanctuaries/cult places
: whole year

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At the foot of the mountains and along the castle's romantic entire Prądnik Valley in the 19th century it was fashionable to host Spa a lot of celebrities. It is worth to stay there for longer, to be able to exactly przedeptać all available paths for tourists and visit other attractions, including the local caves. We, in turn, get in a southerly direction to the Prądnik and Korzkiewskiego Castle in Korzkwi.
Chapel "on the water" st. Joseph Craftsman (Workman), located at the site of the ancient spa baths, which was converted into a sacral object in 1901.
The first documents from 1352 talks about the top, on which the castle was Korzkiew erected here by the coat of arms of Syrokomla coat of arms. In the 15th century it was owned by the burgher Peter Krupka, then ended up in the hands of the Ługowskich family.
Osada młynarska Boroniówka składająca sie z zabytkowego młyna i tartaku wodnego do dzis działającego otwarta jest dla zwiedzających od maja tego roku. Boroniówkę nie tylko się zwiedza można również uczestniczyć w mieleniu i pytlowaniu maki oraz cięciu drewna , zapraszamy również do naszej kawiarenki na kawę , herbatę i własne wypieki.
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