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Niebieski Art Hotel & Spa

Niebieski Art Hotel & Spa offers a new quality in the field of hospitality and functionality of the hotel space. Modern, decorated with an artistic sense of the interior is characterized by an intimate, almost homely atmosphere. Professional and discreet service ensures harmony between the services provided and the preferences and tastes of visitors, so who visits this special place will surely agree that Niebieski Art Hotel & Spa offers a heaven in the field of leisure.

Complementing the relaxed atmosphere and comfortable conditions a Vanilla Spa is located in the heart of the hotel. In his intimate interiors can regenerate the body, relax the mind and regain well-being, lost in the sheer volume of daily duties. Beneficial effects of treatments are supported BIO snacks from the restaurant Vanilla Sky.

The secret of Vanilla Sky are not only based on organic ingredients light and exquisite fusion cuisine, but also a grand piano Yamaha Gran Touch, which combines mechanics, sound and timeless beauty of traditional acoustic instruments with the comfort and versatility of digital music technology. Guests of the hotel and restaurant patrons can enjoy its perfect sound during live concerts.

But the Niebieski Art Hotel & Spa is not only a beautiful interior, refined cuisine and exclusive spa services. Its design inspired by the idea to create a friendly place, not only people, but also nature, because the building has its own water treatment system and BMS enables energy savings - all for the sake of environmental sustainability.

Take advantage of our offer. Time spent at the Niebieski Hotel ensure that the memories of your stay in Krakow will be even more beautiful ...

street Flisacka 3
30-114 Kraków
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the city/town centre, at the lake or river
General Information
: hotel
: ***, *****
Contact data
: +48 12 297 40 00
: +48 12 297 40 10
: 100
: 51
: whole year

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